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    Post Mpegtv's Android Active Code API explanation.

    Hi guys.

    Time for MPEGTV android active code explanation.

    let's say that :
    Our host is: iptv.localhost and
    Mpegts port: 8000
    Active Code : 176877097288458

    The request must be formated as follow :
    Where :
    Code: active code from client <-- Mandatory field.
    Mac: is mac adress of our device.
    Model: model name.
    Version: Android Version.
    Sdk: Sdk version.

    And the answer should be as follow : Don't forget it's really alleged response

    Status: 1 Active, and 0 Disabled or expired.
    Msg: Global config to modify it.
    Code: is active code related to client.
    Expire: Expiration date of the client.
    Hash: Security Hash.
    CHN: list of All channels.
    VOD: list of all VODS.

    Now let's check Channels, When we will parse those channels we will see :

    Where :
    I: is The category ID and also the ID of image in path host:port/image/cat?id=xx
    T: 0 is for Vod and live, 1 is for Series, 2 Arabic Series.
    N: category name.
    L: list of related channels.

    Expanding list it will contains as follow :

    Where :
    I: ID of the channel and also ID of the TS and also the ID of the image from host:port/image/chn?id=xx

    N: is channel Name

    To this we can add a little Extra link for EPG's as follow :
    Same as login, but at the end we can add both ID and CAT

    For ID :
    exampe of id 1534 of channel

    ID: So for specific Channel we use id=Channel ID, this will show a detailed EPG.

    For CAT:

    In this example we use cat 3.
    CAT: this will show All the current program titles of all the channels listed in category (without details just titles)
    ID: Channel ID.
    TC: Title of current program
    SC: Start Time of the current program
    EC: End time of the current program.

    I'll add more details in Vod Part later this evening.
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    hi i ned help how i setup on active code panal pls?

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    Hi wich panel are you using and wich Application ?


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