Guys, I wanted to tell you about a strange problem and give you the solution directly.

Before I have to say that we are not 1 man show but four people, so any people have admin access to the panel.
Also I have already reported that we have a high proportion of users with E2 receivers. Historically grown from the CS / Oscam time.

A colleague didn't want to wait for my solution with EPG from the Panel for E2 receiver and had test with service IDs for SAT which you can enter in the panel under Channels.
He had mentioned this in our private chat casually....this now as preliminary information. I had read this information rather "by the way".

The night before yesterday I got first reports from users that mainly the DE: Sky Channels wouldn't work. I was on the way, checked this on the mobile and everything ran.
So I don't worry. On the way home I got at least 10 Whatsapps that the channels don't work......arrived at home, TV on....controlled, everything works.....( I use Smarters with Firestick)

....only in further control I noticed that it is everywhere about E2 said 80% of our users use E2 receiver.

I then tried unsuccessfully to narrow down the problem somehow...After I contacted Magsat and Evileys, we looked together for this problem which only occurred on E2 receivers.
After more than 2 hours we still had no solution. Evileyes gave me older versions of mpegtv and slave, and there was this problem too.

Only when I looked deeper into the E2 Configs, without a real approach I noticed that the Sky Channels Service IDs didn't exist before. When I had deleted these service IDs from the respective channel, the channel ran on E2 immediately again.

I would like to thank Magsat and Evileyes for their patience, a problem where they can't do anything for me, even late in the evening.... That's what I call reasonable support, and that's why I'm willing to pay a reasonable monthly amount.

It's always a problem when several people are working on the panel, but I think that's the case with many people, and you probably can't avoid such mistakes, but I think it might help at least one or the other.