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    start a new Loadbalancer (slave) what is wrong?

    So now, thanks to the help of Magsat, I have a Mpegtv server that has my XC2 data, everything has been converted, you have to do a little hand here and there, but basically everything is there.

    I have tested and have a slave (0) running on the same machine as the master, also i test "on demand" and it works really good!

    Now I continue testing, want to run another external load balancer (slave1). So I rented another dedicated server. I installed it with Ubuntu 18.04 minimal.

    Like with the Master:

    apt update
    apt install ffmpeg libavcodec57 libavutil55 libavfilter6 libavformat57 mysql-server libmysqlclient20

    then only slave:

    wget -O /usr/local/bin/slave
    chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/slave
    mkdir /var/mpegtv
    cd /var/mpegtv
    tar -xzf mpegtv-data.tgz

    Then I started the slave.
    slave 8899

    root@Ubuntu-1804-bionic-64-minimal ~ # slave 8899
    MpegTV Server r84 (Oct 3 2019) - by evileyes (skype: dvbcrypt)
    root@Ubuntu-1804-bionic-64-minimal ~ # [MpegTS] Server started on port 8899

    I have entered the data from the new slave at master, the server lights up green in the panel

    now I changed a channel from slave 0 to slave 1.

    The channel changes to green at the server looks like it wants to connect, but no connection is established from slave 1 to the source there ist confed

    What am I doing wrong?????

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    Here exactly the same. As soon as a stream is rerouted by an HDMI encoder it stays dark. Already tested with IP forwarding, but also without success. Sometimes I even get INVALID HTTP Header and Error 404 with Restream from another instance.

    This is not something that can be solved at the server level, but rather at the software level. Since just the transport stream does not fit.

    By the way:
    If I put the same encoder stream on a XC 1.0.6 the stream will work immediately in the VLC.

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    First in slave servers you don't need mysql-server & libmysqlclient20 & /var/mpegtv and mpegtv-data.tgz.
    for moving channel to other slave you need to restart master .

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    I restarted the master und Slaves again, although I was sure I had done it last night. No change.

    As soon as I change a stream in the channels to the external slave, the stream stops. I've used extra sources where I'm sure they definitely have no IP restrictions or anything else. It would be really nice if Evileyes would give the server operators more logging options. Here you are really in a black hole and can only guess.

    i start with a master and slave on the same Maschine, worked like a charme.

    we'll do it differently. I want to run the slave ONLY on an external machine.

    master and slave are started, in the panel the slave is green.

    I have several channels setup to the Slave1

    but every channel with slave1 dont comes up, i see at the source server no connection attempt
    i dont see at the extern slave anything...
    channel das erste.PNG

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    ok, let's keep in mind: if master and slave are on the same machine there is no problem, if the slave is external the master indicates that the slave is connected, but no connection is established. Due to the lack of a log I can't see if there is a request or connection arriving at the slave, or if something is happening, with Netstat queries I can't see anything on the slave. Also on both machines that contain the selected source to be played, I don't see a request. I suspect that the connection from the master to the external slave is disturbed. Magsat is informed and looks at it when he has time.

    Thanks again for the great support here.

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    Such a short update:

    maybe this will help one or the other who is also looking for bugs.

    after magsat searched in vain for the error....

    following info, I have 1+2 servers at ISP Hetzner in Germany. Both Master and Slave have ubuntu 18.04 minimal

    The speed test on both machines showed that I only have 4 mbit upload (linux Speedtest-cli)
    First we had a hunch there was a problem here. I then installed debian9 on the slave, the speed test was fine here. Unfortunately there was no possibility to run a stream over the slave with the new slave over deibian.

    Then I ordered a VPS from Hetzner to test small with 4 GB Ram...

    I then installed a completely new master and used the existing external slave with debian. 3-4 teststreams, these are connected via the slave and see there. It works fine.

    Now I exported the database with all my XC2 data I migrated yesterday from mpegtv and imported it into mysql via shell. works! Master Server and Slave running!

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    Allellujah !

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