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    first Tests with some Clients and great problems

    ok, the Server und Slave runs, then my first Tests on our clients.

    we would like to use the mpegtv productively in the near future and it would be an absolute knockout criterion if you had to change something on the end devices. In the features of Mpegtv is written XC2 compatibility.

    Our users mainly use Enigma2 receivers. In the past, the XC2 panel had a script to download where the DNS of the server already exists. You start this script on the receiver, enter username and password. The script opens the bouquet and creates the bouquet in /etc/enigma2. It also creates a file in /etc/enigma2. Furthermore a cronjob is created which is redrawn once every 30 min so that the bouquet is always up to date when changing channels on Server.

    This script works with mpegtv 100% and is compatible.
    I cannot upload this script as a file, thats are here forbidden, or i dont found the feature here.
    i can only upload Pics. Here is a picture from the script

    script enigma.jpg

    Unfortunately the fast switching times you see at mpetv and VLC are not visible at Enigma2. The sound comes after about 4 seconds, the picture after another 4 seconds. Apparently there are buffering problems because there are some hangers and artifacts in the picture. Internet bandwidths or Wlan problems I can exclude. We have tested this solution with Xtream Codes, and also with Streaminy, I know that Streaminy uses the same solution as Xtream Codes, so there is no problem here. With XC2 this worked perfectly and with Streaminy as well.

    We want to leave Streaminy urgently but I need a working solution for the enigma2 clients!

    Furthermore we have many clients with Smarters IPTV , (Android) under IOS, this APP doesn't work anymore since the update from 3.10., before it worked. Also at Android there are many stucker, I don't have at VLC. Here I didn't see the complaints myself, I just got a report.
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