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    Post Small Starting How to for MpegTv

    Hi All,

    in this small how to we gonna talk about how MpegTv works !
    Please forget how Xtream does.

    from the admin, the main thing that need to be done to making it working.

    At least one slave On and connected.
    to do so just type : slave port ex.
    slave 1818
    secondly go to admin panel slave part, and add the host ant the port of you slave in our case 1818, and host is the IP.

    Once one slave is working we need to configure the main to so go to home then click Server config.
    in here you have to put your hostname.

    REMEMBER a Channel is not a stream.

    So now let's create a Channel.

    We always give to a channel a Pattern example :
    AR: BeIn Sports
    Pattern in this case is AR:
    Pattern is important because we will need it later in category.

    Then we select on wich slave we want this channel working.
    In case you have many slave, you can check Slaves and that would be loadbalancing in case of Bandwidth full on the selected Slave.

    Then we can add all information we need like logos epg etc etc.

    Once this done, Now we can add a stream to a channel that can be done By 3 ways.

    Click on the + near to channel then add the Stream URL.

    or we can Go in restreamer case and click on show list of the restreamer then add the channel All this can be done automaticly.

    Or we can click on search for stream in playlist, that will search for a pattern on all playlists of your Restreamer.

    Once Stream Added we can now go to category and add the channel we've just creat.
    The category can be linked to a pattern if we put for example the AR: pattern, this will only show the channel Starting with A:

    Then create A bouquet, wich will contain the category.

    Then At the end we can go to client and download playlist and watch it.

    We will Add more information by time going.

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